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Michael David is a Specialist Registrar in Trauma & Orthopaedics, and started his training in August 2009.  A hand surgeon in training, he graduated in 2004 with two medical degrees from the University of St. Andrews and the University of Manchester.  He completed his MRCS within 2 years and became an Advanced Life Support Instructor before moving to Birmingham's Royal Orthopaedic Hospital to gain intensive experience and fulfil his dream to become an orthopaedic bone surgeon.  In April 2015 he gained his FRCS (Tr & Orth) qualification, and is presently awaiting appointment as a trainee Fellow of the British Society for Surgeons of the Hand (BSSH), and is registered onto their Diploma in Hand Surgery course in affiliation with the University of Manchester,

This website, formerly known as, was created in 1997 as even as a student, Michael David understood the need for information to be available to the clinician at any time.  He used his online revision aids to study for finals without having to carry books around while he moved from hospital to hospital, or while he was in India during his elective training.  He continued to update the Orthopaedic Notes section as he prepared for his FRCS Tr & Orth examination, which he successfully completed on his first attempt in April 2015. 

Since graduating, Michael David has lectured students and examined at both Universities of Manchester and Birmingham, and received a Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Education from the University of Dundee in 2017.   Michael donates his own revision notes to students and colleagues alike, and continues to maintain this teaching website to ensure it remains up to date.  He asks simply that the work not be copied or misrepresented.

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