Hand Surgery Notes

Please use the link below to see my notes on hand surgery, which includes summaries of interesting journal articles that I come across and is divided into seven modules:
  1. Basic sciences, splinting and anaesthesia
  2. Dupuytren's and Skin cover principles
  3. Fractures of the hand and wrist, including post-traumatic arthritis of the wrist (SNAC, SLAC) and carpal kinematics
  4. Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Inflammatory Arthropathies
  5. Tendon injuries and tendinopathies
  6. Vascular disorders, tumours of the hand, and congenital hand pathology
  7. Nerve injury and nerve pathology - taken from the BSSH Instructional Course (Summer 2017)

Hand Diploma Notebook